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Автомобильные весы VTC191 Truck Scales


The VTC191 containerized truck scale ships as disassembled modules for assembly in the field.


  • Unique Design. The VTC191 fully galvanized scale is designed to ship as disassembled kits for assembly in the field. Freight costs are reduced as the modules can be shipped as LTL or up to 18 per standard shipping container. Costs are also curbed by avoiding crane rental, instead a forklift is used to maneuver the modules.
  • Proven Performance. Using the “Module Masher” accelerated-life-cycle test stand, we have tested actual scale modules for 1 million cycles with a minimum 60,000 lb dual-tandem-axle load tire pattern. This is one of the ways that METTLER TOLEDO goes beyond the competition to provide the most reliable scales in the industry.
  • Lightning Protection. The specially designed StrikeShield™ lightning protection system helps prevent costly downtime by using multiple levels of protection to safeguard your entire scale system: load cells, cables, and terminal. It is the only system that has been tested by third-party laboratories and withstood multiple lightning strikes without failure.


A small install team bolts components of each module together, no crane is required. Next pre-cut rebar is laid and finally cement is poured. The install process can be completed within a few hours and with minimal tools or hassle. The fully galvanized body and lifecycle testing ensure this scale can stand up to harsh environments and the test of time. With the ability to fit 18 individual modules in one standard size shipping container or ship as LTL, this scale is revolutionizing the cost of freight for long distance installations. Paired with POWERCELL® PDX® load cells, this scale provides world renowned METTLER TOLEDO accuracy and reliability. Across the country or across the world, the VTC191 can go the distance.



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